Business Immigration

Business Immigration to Canada

Business Immigration

Canada welcomes businesspeople who are willing to open a new and move the existing business to Canada and in that to contribute to the development of Canadian society.

Types of business immigration to Canada

Business immigration programs exist at both the federal and provincial levels. Among the many immigration programs for entrepreneurs, there are several types:

Programs for Investors

These immigration programs are designed for people who have a net worth that they are willing to invest in the Canadian economy in exchange for gaining Canadian residency.

Programs for Entrepreneurs

Such programs are designed for enterprising foreigners who have equity and business management experience. Such entrepreneurs can apply for opening their business in Canada.

Programs for Self-Employed

These programs allow self-employed people with significant experience in certain professions and occupations to apply for immigration to Canada.

Programs for Start-ups

Programs for innovative ideas of creative foreigners attract the best experts in the field of hi-tech. Foreign start-ups can get permission to immigrate with funding and support from investors, as well as a unique business plan.

Federal Business Immigration Programs

To immigrate under the Federal Program for Start-ups, you need to have $200,000 Canadian dollars if investments come from a recognized Canadian venture capital fund or incubators or have $75,000 Canadian dollars if they come from a Canadian investor. Obtaining permanent residence under this program occurs immediately after arrival in Canada.

Programs for Start-ups

In order to immigrate under the federal program for self-employed, you must have at least two years of relevant experience in the last five years. Obtaining permanent residence under this program occurs immediately after arrival in Canada. In addition, you must also meet a variety of other criteria.

Provincial Business Immigration Programs

In the case, if you are an Investor who want to invest in Canada, Entrepreneur who wants to open a business here, Self-Employed who wish to relocate or an innovative start-upper who has a brilliant and unique idea, Best Quality Immigration will help from A to Z to convert you entrepreneurial skills into Canadian Permanent residency. Our business advisors and immigration experts will guide through all the required procedures.

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